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I only use carefully selected ingredients

I carry out a lot (a lot) of research into ingredients and suppliers.

All ingredients are natural, organic and

of the highest quality and my journey of discovery is ongoing so I am always on the look out for new exciting ingredients. 

My ethos is also to support local suppliers if possible e.g.

I recently started sourcing beeswax from a small local beekeeper who doesn't use any pesticides or other harmful substances on his bees. He just lets them be(-e)! If I can't source supplies locally I'll use suppliers within the UK so my ingredients don't have to travel far. 

You will notice that most Econsider goodies are anhydrous (without water elements), which means they do not require preservatives.  Great - even if it does mean taking a little extra care when storing them. So keep them in a dry place and at room temperature and replace the lid tightly after use to get the most from your goodies. If you have any questions about our products or ingredients please do get in touch!