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I work hard to produce beautiful products that I am proud of but then comes the whole packaging challenge...

I am determined to keep packaging to a minimum and recycle as much as possible but it hasn't been quite as straight forward. 

I have spent days researching suitable containers and finally found some that are re-usable or recyclable, suitable for the products that they contain and from like minded suppliers whose ethos chimes with mine e.g. my tins are from a supplier that supports reforestation. I am also considering a return and refill service so stay tuned for progress on this!


The labels have been even more of a challenge but an absolute MUST with any cosmetic product. There are so many choices. I initially thought biodegradable or compostable was the way to go but when I understood how these are recycled (you cannot just put a compostable cup in your home compost) I concluded that the best option was to match the label material to the packaging material where possible.

I realise that aesthetics can play a big role influencing purchasing decisions so I try my best to make every item look easy on the eye (literally!). But I also believe that less is sometimes more and try to keep non-essentials to a minimum e.g. I do not box individual items such as my Body Whip but do offer beautiful eco-friendly gift packaging including jute bags or some really quirky recycled news paper bags that I discovered (see my product section for details). 

For postal deliveries I try to recycle parcel boxes as much as possible. I hardly ever throw these out. I mean, how often do you really admire the external packaging? It is what is inside that really counts, right ;-)

It is what is inside that really counts!