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The sum of our contributions adds up for the greater good of our precious planet


is derived from embracing nature by making something beautiful from what it has to offer. I hand-make a range of eco-friendly products, in small batches. With ECOnsider you very much get "Localine" (ok that's a made up word but catchy, don't you think?). This means I take great care and pay close attention to detail to deliver, online,  the high service standards that you would expect from a small conscientious local business, whether you're local or not!

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“This natural deodorant is seriously good - I bought some recently and road tested it whilst running and cycling in thermals....it's unbelievably effective! Thanks ECOnsider”

— Vicki D.


“Can't get enough of these gorgeous body scrub bars. They leave my skin so soft and the smell blows my mind.”

— Chloe